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Tabii ki belgeselini izlediğimden beri okuma arzusunda olduğum kitabı elime almak beni çok mutlu etti. Bitirdiğimde ise sadece mutlu etmekten çok daha ötede çokta tatmin etmiş olduğunu açıkça söyleyebilirim. Aslında bir noktada acaba belgeselden daha öte bir veriye ulaşabilir miyim sorgusuyla da yaklaşmıştım kitaba. Ancak yine de orada aktarılanların, somut bir şekilde önümde derli toplu olmasını istediğim için, dilediğim de açıp açıp pekiştirmemi sağlayacağını düşündüğüm için, hiç fazladan bir bilgiye ulaşamasam da benim için tatmin edici olacağını düşünmüştüm kitabın. Okumaya başladığımda ise gerçekten de belgesel de olmayan veriye de sahip olduğunu sevinerek gördüm. Böylece hem belgeselde aktarılan verileri güzel bir aktarımla önümde buldum, hem de bonus olarak çok fazla miktarda olmamakla birlikte farklı birtakım uzmanların verilerine de ulaştım. Nitekim belgeselde o konulara değinildiği için Dr. Emoto’nun verilerinin olmaması beni şaşırtmıştı. Öyle ki kitapta ise onun olması bu noktada benim için çok büyük bir güzel sürpriz oldu. Doğru düşündüğümün de bir noktada kanıtı gibi oldu kendi adıma.

Sonuç itibari ile benzer Amerikan kitaplarının en sevdiğim özelliği olarak derli toplu / düzgün kategorileştirmeleri ve bölüm sonlarında o bölümü toparlayacak maddeleştirmeleri ile okunması çok kolay, dili akıcı ve zaten kitap tasarımı ile bile sadece bir başucu kitabı olmak amacıyla yazıldığını, bu noktada da onu gayet başarılı bir şekilde yerine getirdiğini söyleyebileceğim bir kitap oldu benim için Heal. Şimdi de bakalım Türkçesi nasıl bir tipte, hangi yayınevinden çıkacak diye de merak etmiyor değilim.

  • So, I think it's important to mention this idea that emotional blockages can lead to physical blockages. The idea, then, is to release them, and you can do that however you want to. Some people let it go in a Zumba class. Other people went to see a shaman and did soul retrieval. Some people did psychotherapy. Some people burned all the letters from their ex-husbands. It really is whatever's going to allow you to let go of that anger, to let go of that resentment or that grief or that trauma—especially trauma—which can often be locked away inside your brain in the subconscious part. —Kelly Turner, PhD [p. 56]
  • There are so many different kinds of therapies available to help you release stuck energy and heal emotional trauma. Reiki, tapping or emotional freedom technique (EFT), neurolinguistic programming, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), acupuncture, qigong, breathwork, hypnotherapy, craniosacral, sacred plant medi-cine, chiropractic, sound baths or sound healing, PSYCH-K, theta healing, chakra healing, healing touch, float therapy, haptotherapy, and reflexology are some of the modalities that have been used successfully to help let go of obstacles and create space for healing. The theory that emotional blockages become physical blockages would also explain why forgiveness and letting go were mentioned by all of the experts as a necessary step when it comes to healing. [p. 57]
  • Once you have cleared your body of negative emotions, it's time to build up your store of positive emotions. While unprocessed, negative emotions can accumulate and cause inflammation and stress, positive emotions have the opposite effect—they can work to change your body's energetic state into one of healing. When I saw the movie The Secret, the two stories that stuck with me the most were the woman who healed herself from late-stage breast cancer in three months by watching funny movies and the story of Norman Cousins who healed himself from ankylosing spondylitis. Cousins realized that his intense pain would disappear when he was laughing and decided to watch funny movies and television shows all day to ease the pain. "I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep," he said. Eventually, with laughter therapy and IVs of high doses of vitamin C, Cousins completely healed. Maybe laughter is the best medicine after all! [p. 59]
  • "Humor can obliterate fear. You can't be afraid  when you're laughing, period." —Bernie Siegel, MD 
  • Kelly Turner told me about a study in which cancer patients were shown stand-up comedy videos while going through chemotherapy (another group was not shown the videos). Within four hours, the immune counts of the people who watched the comedy were significantly higher than the other group. "The result was almost" Kelly said. "Those people also had fewer side effects and they were able to bounce back better from the chemo.” [p. 60]
  • If you can just stop that negative circuitry for five minutes, you are allowing your immune system a chance to reset itself and start working. And that's what's important.” [p. 60]
  • The Biochemistry of LOVE: When a person is in an environment where they feel love—even when a person is thinking about that  environment, thinking about a time when someone showed them love or affection or when they felt close to someone, it could even be an animal like a dog, cat, or horse, even—they produce oxytocin hormone in the brain, they produce it in their heart, and they produce it in their reproductive organs. Oxytocin delivers fantastic benefits to the heart. It changes the shape of blood vessels, and it sweeps out some of the precursors to heart disease and keeps the arteries healthy. It also plays a role in digestion, helping us to digest our food better. [p. 60]
  • The chemistry of love—the interpretation of love is translated into some very interesting chemistry. Dopamine is a result of love, which is pleasure. Oxytocin results from love, which is bonding to the source of pleasure. When you're in love, vasopressin is a chemical that is released into the blood that makes you more attractive to your partner. Most importantly, when you're in love the brain releases growth hormone. When I am in love I'm actually enhancing the health and growth of myself. [s. 62]
  • Well, closing down the system is the opposite of growth, and that will actually accelerate illness and death. So fear leads to death. If you say you have no fear, I'll ask, "But do you have any love?" You ask, "What's the difference?" Well love opens you up to take things in. You can grow and heal. If you're not in stress and you're not in love where are you? You are in the middle. You're not growing and you're not protecting yourself. If you want to enhance your life, then you have to move from fear into love, protection into growth. The problem is not just eliminating stress but to eliminate it and replace it with something positive, loving, growth promoting. —Bruce Lipton, PhD [p. 63]
  • His thought process became fun and easy. "If I was ever able to walk again, what did I take for granted, like a sunset or a shower or sitting with my friends and enjoying a meal? I started selecting potentials in the quantum field that were no longer based on the worst-case scenario but really some future possibility." —Joe Dispenza [p. 67]
  • David explained that if he prayed for rain, rain could never happen, because the moment we ask for something to happen, we have just acknowledged to the universe that it does not exist. We've affirmed the very thing that we're praying to change. Gregg asked, "Well if you didn't pray for rain, what did you do?" And David replied, "When I closed my eyes, I felt the feeling of what it feels like when it rains in our pueblo village. I smelled the smells of what it smells like when the rain rolls off the earthen walls of my pueblo home. I felt the feeling of my naked feet in the mud. The mud is there because there's been so much rain. And I gaye thanks of gratitude and appreciation for the rain that has already happened." [p. 171]
  • "While you're giving thanks for the rest of your body parts, you can stay open to the possibility of healing. It may or may not work. I don't have any attachment to this." [p. 177]
  • Why is that important? Because if we go back far enough in time, there was a point in time when you, me, and the Earth were all connected, before what is called the big bang, the big release of energy. When that happened physically, particles began to separate; energetically the particles remained connected. We are part of this earth and we are part of one another. And that empowers you and it empowers me to participate in the healing of our bodies and those of our loved ones in ways that science is only beginning to understand. —Gregg Braden [p. 178]
  • And remember, your cells are listening to the thoughts in your head and the words you peak out loud, so start telling them a different story. It may feel silly at first, but like any transformational process, it takes practice and commitment. It's easy for our minds to fall back into the loop of negative, fearful thinking, so we need to grab the reins every day and start teaching our minds to go in the positive direction we desire. Only then can our cells and biology follow suit. [p. 187]
  • "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people." —Bernie Siegel, MD : I love this quote from Dr. Bernie Siegel. This is not to say that if someone was not able to heal, that they did some-thing wrong. This is not about blame. Healing takes place on many levels and on many timelines, and even if some-one may not heal entirely in a physical sense, often they say that they found an unmatched joy, grace, and freedom 
  • Ultimately what I have found is that healing is spiritual. It's a journey beyond ourselves, our egos, our illusions of inadequacy and separation, and back to the wholeness and love of our spirit—who we truly are. According to many spiritual traditions, the key ultimately lies in transcending our fear of death. How better to overcome fear than to embrace love? To return to love, trusting that the universe, that life, that God (whatever term you Source as) is always for us and never against us. Any challenges we experience along the way are there for the evolution of our souls. And as Anita Moorjani shared with us, the unconditional, indescribable love we may return to after we leave our physical bodies is not something to fear. [pp. 198-199]
  • Healing is actually a powerful revelation of the essential wholeness that's already within us. Were not adding anything to us; were basically letting go of that which is covering up the healing. What happens is it feels like a homecoming. You’re actually coming home to the essential wholeness you may have had before your mind got cluttered with fear and worry.
  • Healing is really wholeness being revealed. —Dr. Michael B. Beckwith [p. 200]
  • When I think of everything that we know today and the wisdom of five thousand years of our ancestors before today, what it tells me at the deepest level of our existence is simply this: the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to embrace whatever it is that life brings to our doorstep.—Gregg Braden [p. 201]
  • There is no other you out there. That's one in eight billion, that's pretty special. I guarantee you most people don't give themselves that kind of love and care. That would be a wonderful precursor to healing. —Peter Crone [p. 201]
  • Your body loves you. It loves you unconditionally, and it's not letting you down. Have patience, have compassion. Take one day at a time. You’re going to get there. It doesn’t matter how long you've been sick; you can heal. Always remember that. —Anthony William [p. 203]
  • Life is not perfect; life is a practice. What would it be like to have a practice of being healthy? Healthy people have healthy habits. Rather than this being something that you just read in a book, put it into action. Fall down. Get back up. Lean into it, dig deeper, go for it. Be courageous. Reach out to other people and ask them their stories. Don’t ever give up. —Dr. Darren Weissman [pp. 204-205]
  • The big takeaway about healing? Anything is possible. Hope is your biggest ally. When you love yourself, when you truly love yourself, you recognize that you're quite a magical being. When you heal your past and get rid of all the stuff that's bothering you, you find that healing happens, and it feels so wonderful. It feels like you’re light as a feather. —Joan Borysenko, PhD [p. 205]
  • I think when we take time out of our busy lives to invest in ourselves-to become a work in progress, to begin to decide what thoughts we no longer want to think, what behaviors we'd like to change, what emotions we want to transform, and every single day make an effort to remove the blocks and the masks, the facades that stop the flow of the divine in us-when we begin to do that kind of work, that divine intelligence begins to move through us. And this is the time in history-right now-where people are looking for answers. And they secretly believe in themselves. [p. 205] 


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